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I was in love with Leonard Cohen. The only thing on my bucket list was to meet him. When I reached out to him in 1995, he was a Buddhist monk in a monastery. He said, “Thank you for inviting me to make a brief statement that can help launch you in your ‘highest vibration.’(I can’t find whatever new age gush I had sent his way…ST) Please excuse me from this effort. I can’t locate any high vibrations but I admire those who can. If you can find anything in my past work that resonates with the excellence you seek, please feel free to use it. We are all travelling together but forgive me if I lag behind just this once.”

I was very moved by this video on a PBS show where great poets did videos of their poems. Speaking of higher vibrations!


I have recurring thoughts about a future time of catastrophic disaster, where we are incredulous at not having done something collectively to avert it. I muse about Paul Revere — the catastrophe is coming, the catastrophe is coming.

So, what could provide a revelatory experience that gets all of humanity’s attention to how our civilization could perish? I tried with crop circles, but cynicism so far has trumped curiosity – that dualistic, oppositional mentality, instead of attention to what could be.

What could happen if we knew that inaction would lead to annihilation? If we had a date by which we knew the world would end sans action from us, we would mobilize. Short of having a date, what could we do? What action could we take?

I’m opening the floor with my suggestions. Please contribute yours to Dialogue As If Our Lives Depend On It [link]

1. My #1 idea is to investigate the crop circle phenomenon. If we knew there was other intelligence, which the circles indicate, we would be one humanity in relation to ‘the other,’ working together to solve planetary problems. Read more about crop circles here and here.

2. Make a brilliant ad campaign: “Whoever Does the Most Good Wins!” Look to change the paradigm, where getting the most money is replaced by doing the most good.

3. Have revered people look at the TV camera and address the human core in everyone, urging us to think as a planet to solve the challenges we face.

4. Call for a minute of silence at noon in every time zone, for everyone to stop what they are doing and focus on the world at peace. It is possible that England averted WWII invasion that way..

5. Call for a truce worldwide, where wars end, induced by the commitment to a decent life for everyone – housing, food, health care, education, job training. Pay for it with military budgets.

6. Use ecstasy to heal trauma and restore people to mental health.

7. Use plants for vision, a la shamans who, from time immemorial, have used psychedelic substances for guidance.

8. Convene a new Twilight Club, where outstanding thinkers can engage: “The Twilight Club was an organization founded in the late 19th century, with the intention to counter the moral decline by bolstering up the spiritual and ethical awareness of the society. Illustrious members were Ralph Waldo Emerson, Herbert Spencer, Walt Whitman, Andrew Carnegie, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Mark Twain…From this club, service clubs such as the Rotary Club and the Lions evolved.”

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