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When TED cancelled my license on the eve of this event, in a retrenchment that started with Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock, this program, that was challenging to the status quo, regrouped under my auspice and at my expense. Little David has been stewing ever since about how to handle this Goliath.

My story with TED is a chapter in a tale that involves the cusp we are on between the materialist paradigm that is failing us and the life-sustaining one that is to come. It has to do with the constricting hold the Skeptics have on evolutionary progress, with their tentacles not only into TED but into WIKIPEDIA, too. These are icons of cultural thought and we all are suffering, getting skewed senses of what really matters. Only some “ideas worth sharing” get out at TED, and only some people realize how our understanding is being manipulated.

It’s a long story, which you can get from my links, or perhaps you have been following this saga, where the sentiments have been overwhelmingly anti-TED. If you know enough to be riled up, I encourage emails to, that get delivered to Chris Anderson, who owns TED. You can expect a cut-and-paste response that’s as squirrely as the cancellation was, with the cherry on top being that TED, no longer sponsoring the event, got Livestream to cancel what thousands poised to watch never could. Forward Chris’s response to me and I’ll send you what I said to him.

What would be ideal would be for TED to present my program:

Dear TED:

Please post the talks you took exception to, and tell people to weigh in on them. If there’s a lot of agreement with your position, I won’t take any more issue with your concern that I could have hurt your credibility with your other producers.

From my perspective, you have kept something valuable from being seen. This was not right to do to viewers, to my speakers, and to me.

If I get prevailing support from viewers, I would like to reopen the financial window to talk about money you will reimburse me.



“More for you is more for me.” -Charles Eisenstein

Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm? will illuminate the urgent need to change our fundamental value system or worldview to one in which humanity pulls together rather than separately. This view would supersede the current worldview where whoever has the most toys wins. The new view is based on what science tells us about a quantum universe, with everything being interconnected and all of us being interdependent. A new science-based vision won’t take hold, though, until people know and understand that there are more humane alternatives available. This is what our presentations will focus on. Our hope is that our presenters will impact the world’s thinking about how we interact as global community. They will demonstrate and propose action on how practical programs and technologies can be implemented in communities everywhere.

“Whatever the problem, community is the answer.” Meg Wheatley

Why is TED so successful in drawing people to live events? It can’t be just to learn. We have TV for TED Talks, not to mention all the other info that comes to us from the tube. Coming to live events must be about mingling. We hope this will be the first of many TEDxWestHollywood events so that an activist community develops. Be prepared not only to be informed, but to share yourself as you engage with others.

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  1. Hello Sue,

    Late to the table, but a strong insight or input to the TED incident. If TED remained true and just, “BCYSAParadigm” may have been muddled in the shuffle. No disrespect intended. I’m voicing a strong gut “message”.
    It is a compliment to you I am writing and uttering this thought at all.

    We are strangers, and yet I operate on the near lifetime belief ‘we are all connected’. I think our Navajo neighbors say “we are all relations” – paraphrasing.

    That said, as soon as I saw you introduce Russell Targ, I was intrigued. More so, when I read TED cancelled your license (?!)

    I’m off the watch BCYSAParadigm now.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Alexandra Howarth
    Northern Arizona

    • suespeaks on January 20, 2017 at 7:25 pm said:

      There was a well-produced book some years ago, “The Gift,” where they took the formations as slices of what would be 3D – as if an orange had been sliced to give you the pattern of a circle that could be fleshed out into 3-D.

      You know, I wasn’t going to deal with the circles at all in my TED program, out of deference for their controversial nature possibly being beyond the purview of what TED is about. But, when TED started censoring serious scientists, they went into very unpropitious territory. The Skeptics have exerted their influence!

      Have a look at a 1-minute trailer for a new show I’m doing waiting for Amazon Prime to release it to go public: The circles seem to have withdrawn, so I’m moving to whatever else could create a sea-change in this worldview that has us so self-centered and violent:

      Here’s a piece I started circulating this summer about the circles:

      As people send me reports of the latest crop circles, I’ve been trying to sort out my thoughts in order to respond. Truth be told, I’ve stopped paying attention. However, that doesn’t mean I’ve joined the disbeliever camp.
      What I see now, that’s no different from what I saw when I was deeply involved, is that something inexplicable is going on. The mystery is the core. You can’t get behind it to dispel it. There are things that occur in the formations which within our terrestrial parameters cannot be. Like biological changes to plants and chemical changes to soil. Like plants bending when they should be breaking. Like electrical devices going haywire.

      It was very exciting in the early years when we were enthralled by the mystery, and what happened was that humankind, exercising its penchant for meaning-making, developed a mythology rich in detail about the many aspects of what was showing up. Imaginative people teased out intricate messages and saw into presumable intensions, weaving everything in a web of enthusiasm that people who were paying attention were swept into. Glorious, delightful, intriguing possibilities were speculated about so charmingly that there was a passionate buy-in to a new reality.

      The ugliness that prevails now in the relations among the relatively small cadre of people who are the bedrock of the croppie world killed the enthusiasm. The reality bubble of a glorious adventure into the mysteriousness of this awesome universe burst. Its center could not hold. The world of magical reality depended on the players being in its thrall and then it was a very good time. But it is gasping now, too far gone to be revived. The strands that wove it are separated, scattered everywhere. There is no one to turn to for guidance or advice. In the fog of skepticism that has descended, no clarity about distinguishing the inexplicable from the human-made exists. No good-will flows.

      Humanity has advanced in major leaps by overcoming catastrophes. But, by our shared excitation and by a humility we would have experienced as we engaged with a higher order of reality than the rapacious one we are in, the circles offered a gentler way. All we can do now is pray for something else to come along that is so beautiful and so inspirational that it captures our fancy to lift us out of a deadening sadness of egos and superficiality before something so horrible happens that progress comes from having to reconfigure our world — or worse, where our capacity for destruction descends us into an abyss from which we cannot emerge.

      My talks now will be strolls down memory lane. They will be stories about a bygone era, when, for a few shining years, there was a hope for humanity. And they will be invitations to look for whatever might be coming along next that could open our eyes to how magnificent the universe is and to the privilege of being residents in it.

      For a sense of how it used to be, my documentary, What on Earth?, that got a good review in The New York Times, streams for $2 on Vimeo:

    • Suzanne Taylor on January 22, 2017 at 1:20 pm said:

      From email correspondence that wasn’t posted:

      From: Suzanne Taylor
      Date: 1/19/17 8:25 PM (GMT-07:00)

      What’s “BCYSAParadigm”? Couldn’t find it online.

      Am with you on all your thoughts.

      From: appletree []
      Sent: Friday, January 20, 2017 7:31 AM
      To: Suzanne Taylor
      Subject: [SUE Speaks] “Ex TEDx West Hollywood”

      Hello again,

      Thank you for the kind reply. I am grateful to see the reposted videos. I have been sharing links with friends.

      BCYSPA Paradigm = Brother Can You Spare A Paradigm. My apologies for the shortening.

      We just got and watched “What On Earth” video documentary on crop circles. Beautifully done! Bravo.

      I wonder if these patterns were digitally programmed into a computer, then expanded into 3d models, that could rotate freely, what it might reveal? I keep seeing them rising up but do not have that special gift.

      I look forward to more on your website.

      We applauded your efforts.

      Alexandra and Steve Howarth
      White Mountains Arizona

  2. Mariette Blackmore on December 21, 2016 at 5:37 pm said:

    I have sent an email to Chris at TED regarding cancelled/banned TED Talks. I have come upon a number of these, the most recent was Russell Targ’s talk on ESP.
    I said this in my email to Chris (TED) “Amongst other cancelled/banned TED talks I have seen, is a wonderful video of a talk by Russell Targ – “Physicist Contracted by CIA Shares Everything He Knows About ESP’ . The interest value, and the information contained therein would have made this one of the best ever TED talks.”

    I suspect that Chris is under the control of those who run the shadow government, and who control the main-stream media, and said as much in my email. As I’m sure you know, the world view of this shadow government is not one of a global community, or of an enlightened, awakened population.

    Best wishes for success!

    • suespeaks on January 20, 2017 at 7:30 pm said:

      I missed this when it came in. Very strange that such a high-minded enterprise began operating from such a low consciousness place. I still hold this issue open with TED as we bump along in our ever improving state of consciousness in the land. Great you emailed Chris! Really low for TED to create such drama, abusing people who should be allies.

  3. WE the Empowered Collective of Humanity represent the New Paradigm and WE the People are unstoppable!