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Duck, Duck – Really Duck!

  My Olivetti equivalent, circa 2014, has been staring at me for a while now as I have been thinking about what to say about a great injustice that was done to me by the TED organization. Dealing with it could lead to the next big move humanity needs to make, which is to change Read More →

TED: The Rot at the Core of What we Thought Was the Apple of Our Eye

TED: The Rot at the Core of What we Thought Was the Apple of Our Eye Why in the world would TED be punitive towards me? I was their devoted volunteer. Now, they don’t talk to me civilly. In fact, they won’t talk to me at all. Here are my last three communications to them: TED being a Goliath Read More →

Suzanne’s TED Adventure

I was bopping along, minding everybody else’s business, waiting for the TED empire to be at my feet, ready for the world to pay the attention to TEDx West Hollywood’s transformational program that The New York Times paid in giving my crop circle movie a swell review. It was not going to be because I’d even Read More →