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Are you an innovative thinker with insights about a more life-affirming future? I am a longtime producer of events and projects that could affect our worldview, and this site is a platform for ideas and insights on the road to that next reality, when caring for each other will be as important as the self-interest that runs us now.

We are shaping our thoughts here; these are meant to be glimpses of reality as it can be. We’ll have some laughs along the way, and some oohs and ahs marveling at what is beautiful or admirable as our minds are stretched and our hearts are opened.

For this site to be a treasure trove of insights and inspirations, send your gems and hang out here as we puzzle out where we need to go and how we can get there. I’m itching for tuned-in people, who are role models for what is to come, to engage with each other here. So grab a cup of consciousness, chew on some tasty transformation, and let’s do some great work together!

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